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We have found over the years that some tenants do not read the RTA fully and the matters mentioned below are the ones that most commonly give either the Landlord or Tenant problems.

The Landlord is entitled to re-imbursement from the bond where damage has occurred, other than fair wear and tear. (THE BOND IS NOT TO BE USED FOR RENT). Your particular attention is drawn to the following matters:

1. The Residential Tenancy Agreement requires that the home be regularly maintained and kept in a fit and proper condition. It is therefore not sufficient to leave cleaning until the date you vacate. Special attention should be paid to the following:
the kitchen bench tops must not be used for cutting or have hot pans placed on it
The bathroom must be kept clear of mould and build up soap and loose hair
The oven, grill and hotplates must be kept clean and a build up of grease must not be allowed to occur
Ventilation fans, where installed, must be used and ceilings and walls around and above the stove and bathroom should be washed down regularly as well as the fans
Mould can be a problem in this district, so it is your responsibility to keep the walls and ceilings free from mould by using an anti-mould solution, though any serious mould problems should be reported to this office
Windows, fly screens and screen doors must be cleaned regularly

2. INSPECTION REPORT you will receive and inspection report when signing your agreement. This is a details report on the condition of the property when taking occupancy. Tenants must check the report thoroughly and draw to our attention any discrepancies that may appear in the report immediately on return, this report must be signed, dated and returned to this office within 7 days. IF THIS REPORT IS NOT RETURNED TO OUR OFFICE WITHIN THIS TIME, IT IS DEEMED THAT THE REPORT IS A TRUE RECORD OF THE CONDITION OF THE PROPERTY (see part 2).

3. LAWNS AND GARDEN MAINTENANCE The Residential Tenancy Agreement requires that the grounds be regularly maintained and kept in a neat and proper condition at all times. It is important that the above is adhered to and you shall ensure that watering, fertilisation and nurturing is carried out in a professional and workmanlike manner at all times.

In the event that tenants are unable to carry out these duties themselves to the satisfaction of BORRELLI-QUIRK NEWCASTLE REAL ESTATE, we may engage a contractor to carry out this work at the expense of the tenant and the cost will be recovered from the tenant.

PLEASE NOTE: Gardens must be kept free of weeds and grass, please note that we take photographs at the commencement of the RTA and if the gardens are not maintained in that manner and condition, the Landlord reserves the right to vigorously ensure that they are returned to their proper condition.
Tenants failure in this regard will result in the claims against the bond. Further, that it is not sufficient to maintain the garden the last week of the RTA, as any neglect takes months to recuperate and accordingly. Maintenance must be carried out on a week to week basis.

4. INTERIOR POT PLANTS The simple interior pot plant is something that many people utilise to brighten up their family home. Pot plants can, however, lead to unnecessary heartache for tenants, agents and landlords. Please make sure that care is taken when watering pot plants and that a suitable holding tray be placed under your pot plants at all times, as the carpet repairs/replacement will be at the tenants expense.

5. HELP!! I AM LOCKED OUT Yes it is possible to lock yourself out of your home. If this occurs our office in most cases has an emergency access key. During OFFICE HOURS call in to the office and we will provide an access key, to be returned to this office WITHIN 24 HOURS. If you lock yourself out after business hours, please contact OUR LOCKSMITHS ON 4968 2167 to help you gain access, please note that this will be at your own expense and a new key must be delivered to this office as soon as possible.

6. RENT Rent is to be received at our office on or before the due date, if this is not possible, please contact this office to make arrangements.

7. REPAIRS Repairs that need attention MUST BE REPORTED TO THIS OFFICE IMMEDIATELY IN WRITING and after authority from the landlord is given, the repairs will be attended to through this office. TENANTS MUST NOT ATTEND TO REPAIRS WITHOUT AUTHORITY FROM THIS OFFICE.

8. REGULAR INSPECTIONS Inspections on behalf of the landlord are carried our four times a year and you will be advised of such inspections.

9. CARPETS Any spillages on carpets must be removed immediately, before serious and permanent damage occurs. If necessary you should employ a Professional Carpet Cleaner.

10. WALLS No nails, blue tac, sticky tape or similar should be fixed to the walls without the express approval of this office. It is our experience that when posters etc. are removed from the walls, paint/plaster damage occurs and the tenant will be held responsible.


12. ENDING THE AGREEMENT When you wish to vacate the property at the expiration of your RTA then written notice must be given as specified in the RTA (see page 7). On vacating the property you are required to leave the premises in a condition equal to the condition stated on the Inspection Report provided to you at the commencement of the RTA. The Property Manager will carry out a final inspection of the premises AFTER THE TENANT HAS VACATED using the original inspection report as a comparison. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR RENT MUST BE PAID UP TO THIS DATE. A full bond refund will automatically be apply provided;

a. The final inspection is satisfactory and conditions agreed to
b. Rent is paid up to date and the keys returned to this office
c. Any water usage costs have been and (if appropriate)
d. There is no damage or cleaning required

If you want to lease the premises before the end of the fixed term agreement;

a. You must notify our office in writing
b. You must pay rent until a suitable tenant moves in
c. You must pay any costs incurred, such as advertising to obtain a replacement tenant.
13.MAIL RE-DIRECTION Please arrange a mail re-direction through your local post office once you have vacated the property.

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